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Tuesday Tips: Patch Testing

It's important to do a patch test when introducing a new product to your skin care routine. There are a number of allergens in products that can cause your skin to have an adverse reaction. You may also experience an adverse reaction to a product simply because your skin doesn’t like a specific ingredient. It can even occur from using natural products or from one that is well-formulated. Products containing synthetic dyes or fragrances, parabens, sulfates or high concentrations of acids may cause skin irritations. One area you may do a patch test is behind your ear. Reactions typically occur within 24 hours after applying the product, but may take up to 72 hours. Once you have waited between 24-48 hours, or longer, check the area for any type of adverse skin reaction such as a rash, redness, bumps, raised skin, or the area feels itchy, swollen, like it's burning or painful.

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