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At 180° Essentials SkinCare, we are committed to creating innovative anti-aging products. With the utmost care, appropriate concentrations and quality that you truly deserve, 180° Essentials SkinCare combines natural ingredients with patented anti-aging technology to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while brightening and hydrating skin for a more radiant, youthful appearance.  

Attention 180º Essentials SkinCare Valued Customers & Supporters:

As of May 31st, 180º Essentials SkinCare will be closing its doors, marking the end of an era I will always cherish. I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and for trusting me with your skincare needs.  Your loyalty, engagement, and support have been invaluable to me and have truly made a difference in the success and longevity of 180º Essentials SkinCare.  While this chapter is coming to a close, my passion for helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial dreams continues. I plan to support fellow small businesses in their journey to scale up from their kitchens or garages to retail as I did. Blessings to every one of you and may you reap a harvest for all the seeds you have sown into 180º Essentials SkinCare.

-Nikki Rushing

"Life Has Its Own Set Of Challenges.  Guessing Your Age Should Be One Of Them."


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  • Utilize patented anti-aging technology to reduce visible signs of aging.

  • Incorporate antioxidants to help reduce free radical damage.

  • Include emollients to moisturize, prevent water loss and soften skin.

  • Infuse plant extracts to help reduce inflammation, soothe and brighten skin.